This is a list of current bugs and other errata going on at Republic Wireless that affect a number of users and for which there is no current solution or workaround.  To keep this list reasonably compact, most of the items mentioned here are unique to Republic's service or phones. To keep this list current, only issues experienced on the latest Android operating system (shown below) and the latest RW app version (listed in the RW Community) are included.

  • DEFY XT: Android version 2.3.7, build number 1_65K_1027
  • Moto E (1st Gen): Android version 4.4.4, build number KXC21.5-L2.31
  • Moto E (2nd Gen): Android version 5.1, build number LPI23.29-22-R.15
  • Moto G (1st Gen): Android version 5.1, build number LPB23.13-51-R.10
  • Moto G (3rd Gen): Android version 5.1, build number LPI23.72-59
  • Moto X (1st Gen): Android version 5.1, build number LPA23.12.39-R-15
  • Moto X (2nd Gen): Android version 5.1, build number LPE23.32-39-R-28

Please do not use this section for missing features (e.g. picture or short-code texting), physical limitations that will never be overcome (e.g. internal phone memory is too small), lack of cell coverage, or bad customer service.   Check the Feature Requests page for items mentioned there and do not duplicate.

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Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Cannot assign "none" ringtone to individual contacts. E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Post
DTMF (touchtone) tones work inconsistently on Wi-Fi All Documented
Outbound calls using the Google Voice app show a different number than the contact being dialed. X1 Thread Reported fixed in latest RW app update.
Manual handover fails on calls prefaced with *67. E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Reported
Inbound calls fail silently to voicemail. E1



PDD (Post-Dial Delay): Outbound calling may sporadically appear to fail with the dialer closing without completing the call. The call will eventually complete. If the attempt to call was repeated, multiple calls will be completed and merge. E1




Inbound calls fail for specific numbers in 717 area code All Post
Bad audio quality on Wi-Fi calls with Bluetooth enabled. E1, E2, G1, X1, X2
The earpiece speaker has distorted sound at higher volume levels, often referred to as a "crackle" noise. The sound quality is also worse than that of the other Republic phones and the maximum volume level is lower, making hearing difficult in noisy situations. Current responses from Republic support suggest that inferior audio components are the cause, but other testing has shown that good sounding phone calls are possible. The distortion can be reduced by enabling hearing aid compatibility in the dialer's settings, and eliminated by using a headset. E1 Reported Post
Call volume at the phone's maximum setting is deemed too low by some users, whether on earpiece or speakerphone. The volume on cell service is generally considered adequate by those same users. XT
Outbound calls using automobile Bluetooth systems may display a Republic Wireless routing number rather than the number of the party being called. X1 "No fix."
Touchless control won't initiate a call unless cell service is enabled. That leaves this feature unavailable to those on the $5 Wi-Fi only plan. X1
Touchless control won't place a phone call if the SIM card has been removed. X1, X2 Example
Moto Assist fails to answer a call in "Home" mode on Wi-Fi. E1, G1, X1, X2
After a long period of not using the phone, the first attempt at an outbound Wi-Fi call will ring once and then disconnect. An immediate re-dial (still on Wi-Fi) generally succeeds. Occasionally the phone will automatically re-dial on cell. XT
Echo heard by callers talking to Republic members was supposed to be fixed by the January 2013 OTA update. However, a few members report that the echo continues or has become worse. XT
When the option is enabled, pressing the power button does not end a Wi-Fi call as it does for a cell service call. XT
Touch-tone sounds are not played through the speaker when keypad numbers are pressed, as they are during a cell service call. XT
Outbound calls may fail when placed using certain cell towers. This "timing problem" has been privately but not publicly acknowledged. Failed calls appear in call log sometimes with no destination number, sometimes with the wrong destination number. No time estimates for fixing this problem have been mentioned. All


Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
MMS to other carriers may arrive blank when Google Messenger app is used. E2, G1, G2, X1, X2 Thread
E-mail to SMS gateway fails to deliver some messages. E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Post
The Republic Wireless app may crash or cause the Messaging app to crash when MMS messages are sent or viewed. E1


Messaging app's notifications clear or fail to open the app if Messaging is left open when screen sleeps. E2, X2
Messaging app fails to send text messages queued while in Airplane Mode until airplane mode is disabled and another text is sent. E2, G3, X2
Third-party messaging apps fail to send MMS. E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Documented
Hangouts fails to send MMS unless cell service is enabled. E1
Hangouts cannot be used for MMS on Lollipop devices. E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Documented
MMS messages containing a single picture may arrive as a slideshow. X1 Acknowledged
When both Wi-Fi and cell service are unavailable, texts sent to the Republic phone are not delivered until the phone has cell service. Connecting to Wi-Fi is not sufficient to receive the texts. All "Optimized" $5 plan is immune
Long text messages are received out of order G1, X1 Prematurely marked as resolved


Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Access to voicemail from speed dial will fail on Android 5.1 if the phone is in Airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled. E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Post

Default notification ringtone is used for voicemail regardless of the ringtone choice made in the dialer settings under Voicemail; It's not possible to silence the voicemail notification unless all notifications are silenced.

E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2
It is not possible to turn off vibrate for voicemail notifications E2, G1, G3, X1, X2
Vibrate settings for voicemail notifications cannot override system settings. E1
Audible voicemail message timestamps are given only in the Eastern time zone. All Acknowledged
Voicemail settings and other call-related options cannot be changed when Airplane mode and Wi-Fi are enabled. Since Republic's phones have voice capability over Wi-Fi as well as cell service, it should be possible to access these settings whenever Wi-Fi is turned on. All
New voicemail does not blink the notification LED. E1
The voicemail indicator functions only when cell service is available. XT Acknowledged "No fix."
After an activation or profile update, the phone's voicemail number is improperly set (should be 877-912-1832). XT
Voicemail playback volume is too low. All
Voicemail forwarding fails to services using non-unique numbers All

Network Connectivity

Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Phone fails to recognize or connect to a saved Wi-Fi network when returning to it. E1, G1, X1 Documented
Phone loses cellular connectivity XT Example

Republic Wireless App

Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Republic Wireless App will not update E1, E2, G1, G2, X1, X2 Documented
Plan changes initiated up to 48 hours after the customer's billing date may be denied for overdue payment reasons even though the customer has a zero balance on the account. E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2 Reported

Wi-FI+ App

Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
The Wi-Fi+ app seems to be the source of unwanted behavior, including automatic Wi-Fi connections to passing hotspots, failure to use Wi-Fi for calls, and noise during calls. General recommendation from the community is to remove it. XT
The Wi-Fi+ app is supposed to route calls over cell service when the Wi-Fi connection has poor quality, but it has no effect on incoming calls which continue to use WI-Fi despite poor quality. XT

SIM Card

Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
SIM Card error on the $5 Wi-Fi only plan E2, X2 E2 Staff post
Video Capture cannot start with SIM Card removed X1 Example


Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Battery manager incorrectly reports high use for "Cell Standby" X1 Documented
Battery life for $10 plan subscribers is noticeably worse after the KitKat update. X1 Example
Battery Manager app must be set to Performance mode to keep Wi-Fi active. New users frequently make a different choice to try to extend battery life, leading to problem reports. It should be removed, replaced, or enhanced to prevent loss of Wi-Fi calling under all settings. XT


Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Hangouts Error during Activation G1 Documented Dropped from documentation.

My Account Portal

Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Transfer request button grayed out All Documented Dropped from documentation


Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Customers receiving refunds for returned devices are also receiving E-mail stating that the device was extensively damaged and no refund would be forthcoming. All Acknowledged Example

Proxy Settings

Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
Proxy settings cannot be set on the Wi-Fi interface. This is considered a bug because other Android 2.3 phones have this feature. Although Republic Wireless has stated that proxy services may be an issue for WI-Fi calling, the option should be made available. XT


Issue Phones Acknowledged Add'l Info
UICC International Unlock Screen appears unbidden E2, X2 Documented

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